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The Environment and Sustainability

The Australian red meat and livestock industry makes an important contribution to sustainability—environmental, economic and social. The focus on the environmental sustainability of the industry covers key areas of reducing emissions, water use and managing the land, and is important not only for the environment but also for producing nutritious, high-quality meat.

The red meat industry, through Meat & Livestock Australia and in collaboration with the Australian Government, invests over $13 million annually in research and development to better understand the environmental impact of meat production and to further improve the environmental performance of the industry.

In Australia, animals are mostly grazed on large areas of semi-arid and arid rangelands. This method of production is unique to Australia and means that overseas figures and data on environmental impact are not applicable to our industry. Our unique production systems and commitment to continuous improvement have led to Australian ranchers being recognized around the world as leaders in producing some of the best red meat, while also leading the way in environmental ranching practices.

Australian ranchers understand that protecting and improving the natural world is vital to the long-term sustainability of their business and the environment. Across the country, many livestock ranchers are managing weeds, pests and feral animals; helping maintain biodiversity; and reducing the risk of destructive bushfires. They’re also improving water management efficiency in their grazing systems by maintaining healthy soils with adequate nutrients, minimizing runoff through vegetation management, and monitoring the frequency and intensity of grazing. In doing so, Australia’s ranchers are balancing the needs of the grazing animal, the pasture and the environment.

As custodians of nearly 50% of Australia’s landmass, we in the Australian red meat and livestock industry recognize our responsibility to the environment. Every step of the way, from paddock to plate, we make it a priority to continuously improve environmental management. We’re extremely proud of the nutritious, high-quality meat we provide for consumer use. And we’re equally proud of the conscious and successful effort we put toward environmental, economic and social sustainability.

Target 100

Target 100 is an initiative by Australian cattle and sheep farmers, processors and the broader meat industry to proactively deliver sustainable cattle and sheep farming by 2020.

It outlines 100 research, development and extension initiatives funded through industry bodies to continually improve sustainability and the impact of farming on the Australian environment.

It’s our commitment to take positive action, both big and small, to continually improve the way we operate and improve our sustainability throughout the red meat supply chain.

Apart from harnessing the latest technology and science to reduce our footprint, it’s also about sharing good ideas, celebrating successes and providing a focal point for environmental, social and ethical farming action to ensure a sustainable food source.

As caretakers of the land we are committed to leaving it in better shape than when we found it.

Visit Target100.com.au to learn more.