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australian BEEF

Labeling of Australian Beef

All cartons of Australian Beef are labeled with information about the product. Carton labels include mandatory information required under Australian government regulation, and are consistent with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and the Mexican Secretaria de Agricultura, Ganaderia, Desarrollo Rural, Pesca y Alimentacion (SAGARPA) requirements for labeling of imported meat products. In addition to mandatory information, Australian packers may include optional information on the label, allowing for further description for trade purposes.

The following elements appear on labels for all Australian Export Beef cartons:


Chart Label 


1. Generic statement: Bone-in or boneless and identification of species.
2. Country of Origin.
3. Carcass Identification: Category code, which identifies the carcass age and sex.
4. Product Identification: Primal cut description as shown in the Handbook of Australian Meat.
5. Primal Weight Range: Indicates that each primal cut in the carton is the minimum/maximum weight range as shown on the label.
6. Packaging Type: AUS-MEAT packaging code.
7. Barcode: Most developed and compliant with the GS1 (EAN.UCC) international meat industry guidelines.
8. Packed On Date: Day, month, year and time the product was packed into the carton.
9. Best Before Date: End of the period for meat stored in accordance with any stated storage condition. Meat marked with Best Before Date can continue to be sold after that date provided that the meat is not damaged, deteriorated or perished. Meat marked with Use By Date cannot be sold after that date.
10. Net Weight: Meat content, less all packing material, shown to two decimal places in kilograms and pounds.
11. Batch Number: In-house company identification number for product tracing when required.
12. Carton Serial Number: Individual identification number for carton.
13. Halal Approved: Product has been ritually slaughtered and certified by an approved Islamic organization.
14. Establishment Number: Plant-registered identification number.
15. AI Stamp: Australia-government Inspected.
16. Refrigeration Statement: “Keep chilled/refrigerated” indicates the product in the carton has been held in a controlled chilled condition from the time of packing.
17. Number of Pieces: Number of primal cuts in the carton.
18. Company Code: In-house identification code for product in the carton.
19. Company Trading Name: Name of the packer of the product.