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About Meat & Livestock Australia

About the North America Region

This website serves the North America Region of Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA). Our partner countries served by this site are the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

If you are interested in the Australian red meat industry and are not in the United States, Canada, or Mexico, please visit the company homepage at http://www.mla.com.au for additional information, or visit http://www.mla.com.au/General/Contact for worldwide contact information.

The North America office, located in Washington, DC, promotes the availability and market access of Australian red meat within the North America Region, seeks to raise awareness of Australian red meat, and encourages consumers to incorporate it into a healthy diet.

Our Foodservice and Retail development managers work with importers and businesses to provide current industry information; develop the supply chain; and arrange both general and customized advertising and promotional campaigns, materials and POS items.

Our Beef, Lamb and Goatmeat Consumer websites offer information about the quality of Australian red meat for those who enjoy meat, as well as nutritional information, a store locator, recipes, cooking tips, videos and more – and our social networking offers additional information and conversation with consumers of Australian lamb.

About Meat & Livestock Australia

Meat & Livestock Australia undertakes a range of information, research and development, and marketing programs designed specifically to support Australia’s Red Meat Industry.

MLA’s information, research and development programs work behind the scenes to contribute to the establishment of standards and practices that ensure the highest level of food safety, healthfulness and quality. The company also manages strategic planning for the Australian cattle, sheep and goat industries.

Offices have been established in major regions of the world to assist in maintaining an adequate supply chain as well as promote the consumption of Australia’s high-quality red meat through local information and marketing programs.

The Australia livestock industries are committed to producing safe, high-quality meat for customers everywhere. Australia’s abundance of natural grazing land and strict government regulations allow livestock to be pasture raised, without the use of additives such as antibiotics or hormones. Its physical isolation as a separate continent contributes to Australia’s internationally recognized status of being free of all major livestock diseases. MLA has helped to pioneer state-of-the-art electronic tracking systems that allow Australian red meat to be traced back to its ranch of origin.

When customers purchase meat from Australia, they are receiving products from one of the safest and most stringently controlled meat industries in the world.

MLA is funded by cattle, sheep and goat rancher levies, joint funding from the processing and live export sectors and, in the research and development area, through Australian government dollar-for-dollar matching funds.

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